Sunday, November 9, 2014

25mm Soldiers & Swords Games - Castle Falkenstein - Ladies and a High Fayrie

I've dragooned these for Victorian Horror but there is very little Victorian about them at all. The gal in purple (the High Fayrie) is not, I understand, part of this Ladies set but I bought them loose that way and so they shall remain. 

Those are regular ol' slotta bases but my new practice is to extend the stone work halfway down the side to, by illusion, reduce the height of them.

So many folds in these dresses - I'm glad this is a trend in decline.
Here I've added the Falkenstein Gentlemen with whom these gals are associated. The change in basing style is more apparent here.
The ladies, too, have been on the workbench for a few years now. I need to revise my dry brushing hair technique - way too subtle after the sealants have been applied.

Thanks all for looking - questions comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!