Wednesday, January 19, 2011

25mm Old Glory Minute Men Part 2

In the short term, these are the second of three. The first was in blue & brown, these in brown & tan and the third in black & tan (almost done). There'll be three more such units at a later date in green, red and gray with 60 men in total.
I, for reasons I won't get into right here, can only prime and seal in batches of 14 so the West Wind Sleepy Hollow Milita man who accompanies this unit got left off due to space. Bumped by goblins, he's painted identically and will turn up later.

Citadel painters will recognize a classic Scorched to Beasty Brown build on the coats. I really like that combination and it looked better than I had hoped.
Here's a couple of the weirder sculpts in the pack though I like the guy on the right. Being Minute Men, they don't look quite right and that's deliberate. I used darker pallets to disguise the fact that they are not the participants at Lexington/Concord. All the undershirts, for one, are a dark gray instead of the expected white linen.

Straightening out the rifle on the guy at left was a challenge as, out of the bag, it was wrapped around his waist and connected. Not just a bendy job. And I forgot to use Ogryn Flesh Wash on the skin and used either the Sepia or the Devlan Mud - can't remember now; its still serviceable but not as good.

The face on this guy came out interestingly though I ruined a lovely blue cap with a ink wash. It was a risk and it failed and I'll be more careful with it in the future. I can't be bothered to fix it.                                    Halfway through I found I could still paint eyes if i took OFF my glasses and let my near sightedness work. A couple here below didn't make it in time.

Crazy variety of style and character - some look Malburian and others, like the officer in the top picture (front left), has what looks like a Confederate floppy hat head on - full beards? In town?

 Thanks all for looking and as always, questions, comments and followers are welcome!

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