Tuesday, January 18, 2011

25mm Goblin Factory: Goblin Armored Command

Two sets of command actually, the senior officer (far left) you've seen before ...
I wanted something mean for the banners but after doing the right one and feeling vaguely unsatisfied with it, I went online looking for inspiration and found the motif for the flag at left which I like a lot better. The banner itself is angled so it looks asymmetrical here but it is fine when examined directly. You'll get a better sense of it below:
These can be found at http://www.thegoblinfactory.com/home.htm  or maybe not?
Sometimes with Fantasy figures I just try out random stuff. I'm not super happy with the red on the cloaks but it'll do.  The scale armor on the flag bearer on the right looks almost like fur after the two washes I put over the metal. I wanted something rusty but not quite right ... 

Questions? Comments?

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