Sunday, January 21, 2024

28mm Perry Miniatures - Napoleonic Russian Peasants

24 "angry" peasants finished!
Here is one set of the three of these sculpts. I was particularly inspired by the Russian film set during this conflict called "Vasilisa." It's rated poorly but I loved it - especially for the costumes. Thematically compelling, it's a principle reason I want to game this guerilla war aspect of the 1812 invasion. Here's the trailer if you are interested:

Finally, the third set of three.

Just one set of those with captured weapons. If one isn't using one of the women figures as Vasilisa - an actual historical figure, then the officer/leaders will come from this set.

So you can compare the differences by each model. The faces are a bit of a let down compared to the layered parts but I can live with it.

Any one of these could be Vasilisa though I'm leaning towards the one on the right.

No rhyme or reason to the coloring of the sashes - just wanted to make sure I didn't create any duplicates.

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