Tuesday, October 8, 2019

15/18mm Blue Moon, ECW - Engineers & Pioneers

I'm probably not thinking this through by doing all the specialty units and accessories before I do the main army regiments but I like to set the scene completely before I bring war and destruction to it.
Messing around with the flash
Trying to paint the illusion of dug holes without adding any additional height to the mini and not sure how well I succeeded here.They are based on washers do no digging through that.
Just trying to think of all the ECW rules I've read were there is a need for engineers and pioneers at all. These may end up being never used for anything but decoration.
It'd have been difficult to paint these as exclusively Royalist or Parliamentarian so they can be set up on either side.

 I've had a Royalist regiment approaching completion, but Hey Squirrel keeps getting me.

Thanks all for looking - questions, comments, followers are welcome and encouraged!


  1. Really lovely and I can't belief that they are only 15mm - superb!

  2. Unusual and beautiful miniatures, great painting and presentation!

  3. Lovely work there. I converted some Peter Pig figures to make an engineer's party a while back as the Blue Moon pack are towered over the PP figures. A real shame as they are really nice sculpts.
    Did a fair bit of research into engineers too; the job was often given out as punishment to regiments wh hadn't pulled their weight. All change with the advent of the NMA, it was part of the role of the artillery train firelocks. There are a number of siege helmets on display (National Civil War Centre have a couple, Royal Armouries Leeds and there's another one I've seen, can't remember where though) - all massive lobster pot helmets with shoulder supports as they weigh so much. I see Blue Moon have gone for a death head helmet - from an illustration in Haythornwaite (Warlord have done the same). Nice figure, sadly not probably accurate though.

  4. Almost forgot - rules. Try the Stephen Maggs ECW Siege supplement from Partisan. Siege specific rules that can be added on to any other rule system.

  5. Thanks Radar! I'll check those out.