Tuesday, September 24, 2019

28mm Reaper - Angels of Sorrow

Nice "Doctor Who" inspired models from Reaper. One coat of Citadel Contrast Basilicanum Gray over Wraithbone provided much of the work here.
I added a green wash and stippled in some lighter green for mossy effects near the base. Then the whole thing was given a light drybrush with the Wraithbone  brush on and then an off white.
I've experimented with this basing before trying to get a deep green grass and am not liking the unnatural results here. The grass I'm using is from the last century and I'm much happier with current offerings. (The grass sheet from Walmart underneath them is pretty good too.)
I'm adding a new category with this entry: Graveyards & Cemeteries. i have tone of graves and crypts anf the like that can be done quite quickly with Contrast. Nice low hanging fruit.
Here's what they would look like if I had just done the Basilicanum over the Wraithbone with no additional work. Perfectly fine honestly.
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  1. Lovely job, the added green wash has really helped.

  2. Thanks Michael - yeah it does feel like cheating with these paints so I do try and add some new parts to them a bit.