Monday, August 19, 2019

28mm Reaper - Spell Effect: Spectral Minion

Day Three of my Citadel Contrast paints experiments yielded up 10 more completed figures. Sorry for the delay - I took off some time for vacation and some of the ones in this batch took a bit longer as I had to do bones, weapons and/or other equipment in a traditional manner. The principal work was done in one session however - hence the third day. 

Yes, I suppose this could just be a spell effect - but he certainly could be an entity in it's own right as well.
This one came with the option of having a two handed sword but it would have made him tremendously tall and awkward and it also had a fiddly broken hilt. Luckily there was an empty hand option.
I had to mix up a Pledge and ink wash for the bones (over a hand painted, off-white basecoat), followed by a matte medium to kill the shine. Otherwise this was a simple coat of Contrast Templar Black.

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