Saturday, May 4, 2019

28mm Renedra Ruins

Here are all four of the Renedra Ruins sprues A-D - though shuffled up a bit. I was intending to do that lighter brown based stone so common in English castles but my foundation base coat of dark brown kind of messed that up. I probably should have started with dark gray and went up through the tans to off-white. Still, hard to be totally unsatisfied as these are quite nice and affordable pieces. A few layers of dry brushing and you're all set.

I subtly dry brushed green along the bottoms so they merged with the ground and grasses a bit more. Hard to tell in some of these.

Still lots of seams showing on various spots - I think I have it down now though and should probably do another set with the gray foundation.

The archway bit top can be dropped in as seen here ...

 ... or simply removed, seen here at right.

At Brigade's booth, where I purchased them,  they are sold alongside the Frostgrave stuff, but I didn't winterize them - suitable for so many different things, I kept them generic.

Probably should have included a figure for scale, but you'll see these again.

Lovely set - I'd like to get a couple more.
Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!


  1. Lovely ruins, always glad to see them on a table....

  2. Those look really good. Nice job. 😀