Friday, September 14, 2018

25mm Old Glory, Napoleonic French Center Company, March-Attack in Greatcoats

Finally finished a gameable French force for the 1812 Retreat game. Here are 30 privates, two sergeants, and two lieutenants.The rest of the regiment has functionally dissolved for our purposes here.

This campaign game will really feature the exploits of  a single 1:1 scale voltigeur compangie, but I thought I 'd do the remnants (portions of the 4th compangie) of the parent regiment. The 4e is the company that would serve directly to the right of the voltigeur company when in line which is why I chose them - plus I like the purple pompoms.The command elements have been seen elsewhere here.

The nice thing about this Old Glory pack is that it separates neatly into half in shakos and half in les bonnets de police.
If one wanted to represent raw un-trained troops, these might be good ones. And they are far less mustachio'd than their shako clad counterparts.
Being 1:1 ratio, I'll try to maintain historical practices. That means that with only two lieutenants they must each command 15 men per their respective sections. To play most skirmish rules, the sergeants could peel off 7-8 miniatures each creating 4 units of  8-9 men. That's pretty depleted and perfect for this campaign.

Other notes:
  1. These are the 1809 uniforms which miraculously can't be seen under the coats.
  2. Erroneously, OG sculpted the great coats onto the back packs and since there's dispute about what color coats were worn by the line, I painted the alternative tan color on the packs. 
  3. I know painters like the break of painting  many different colored coats on their French units, but re-provisioning occurred at a higher level than the company one. If they were re-issued clothing it was at the battalion level and above.

The sergeants. Their faces are a bit youthful but the pose is encouraging and inspires confidence right?. Too bad they are lightly wounded already too - also perfectly appropriate for this campaign.

Note the chevrons indicating rank.

Formally, there is no formation of 8-9 figures so they'll have to operate together, unless given separate orders for subdividing.

There's the anachronistic Transylvanian peasants defending the 4Ground picket fences. Buildings by Pegausus Hobbies - still haven't finished the chimneys.
Thanks for looking: questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!


  1. Superb, love the 1812 Retreat atmosphere...

  2. Very nice. I have a "Division" of Old Glory French Infantry in greatcoats advancing, rounded out with a few "enthusiastic French in great coats" (which might not fit in with the Retreat!), and I really enjoyed painting them. In my case since I was modeling different regiments, each had a different shade of brown/tan greatcoats, and a different color for their shako covers, one unit being all in fatigue caps. I gave the Legere regiment "steel grey" (light bluish) greatcoats to help them stand out more easily. They have all been consistently among the hardest fighters in the army, much more than their brethren in full dress! :-)

    1. Nice - I like the Energetic French figs from OG. I've made them all into NCOs and added epaulets for the voltigeurs.

  3. Nice looking miniatures!
    A good sized skirmish force. 😀