Friday, August 24, 2018

25mm Old Glory - Transylvanian Peasant Infantry

I bought these looking for some variety to accompany the Perry partisans for the 1812 Russian Retreat game, but in the end I decided to only allocate 10 of the 30 figure pack for this. Like the other Eastern Renaissance Cossacks they are probably not quite right, but they are in furs and look Slavic enough in attire even though it is quite medieval. Of course Russian serfs  lived a life indistinguishable with medieval peasantry up until the 20th century so it's not too far off. The others will be NPCs or henchmen for whatever Gothic Horror stuff I get up to later.

The guy second from right is decidedly looking downward. Sculptor's notes might be handy here.
Some harsh lighting! Notice the number of white haired guys to represent men "unfit" for conscription which I'm guessing was a low bar. The page boy haircut on the others I made blonde suggesting fair youths perhaps not yet ready for service.  The leader (center in the red cape) is the only one with brown hair. I plan on having white hair on as many as possible if the sculpt is right.

I've mentioned elsewhere that Vallejo Flat Red has a gold tinge to it somehow. No orange was used at all in the painting of the cape so not sure how that gets in there.
These will give any Frantsuzskiy foraging party a hard time, especially if they are caught.

My two favorites of the bunch!

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