Thursday, August 9, 2018

1/72 Scale Pegasus Hobbies Russian Buildings & 28mm 4Ground Weathered Wood Picket Fences

I still have the chimneys to do, but couldn't resist setting up a scene. Visible are the two farms houses (R fore and back), the 2-story log house (center), and two log houses (L). I'm not going to snow cap these so they are otherwise completed.

The logs and fences were first primed a very dark brown (Rust-Oleoum Camouflage brown), followed by a slopped on coat of Americana - Mississippi Mud, a heavy dry brush of  Folk Art - Mushroom, finished with a light coat of Folk Art - Barn Wood.

Thatch: same dark brown undercoat, "Citadel" Graveyard Earth (I had this made into a quart at Home Depot), followed by a drybrush of a Graveyard Earth and Khaki blend (50:50), finished with straight Khaki.

Old Glory Renaissance Cossacks in the yard, Converted Foundry Cossack gun and crew to the left and Eureka looters in the back.

I still have the Old Glory Steppes Farmstead as well as the Hovels Russian stuff too and I should have enough for three small settlements on the table or one good sized town.

Thanks for looking: questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!

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  1. The scene looks great. Very atmospheric. 😀
    Nice job.