Friday, August 3, 2018

15mm Napoleonic, Peninsula War, Pot Pouri

Another post featuring old figures from the vault. First are Battle Honours with a pair of shots featuring what they call "Insurrection Guerrillas". Based and spaced for Empire, these are among my early serious work, completed in the early 90s.

Next are parts of a supply convoy - a drover and some cows - I believe these are all Minifigs.

Normally I would balk at the wooden wheels. but it is Spain in the early 19th century after all. To get the oxen I don't think I had a choice here.

Powder or rum depending on who is defending this one.

To navigate the steep and treacherous trails of the Pyrenees, these mules and donkeys go single file. Donkeys at left are Minifigs, at right are Essex. Handlers are Minifigs.

Minifigs? Mule train from a different range - not sure which.

The ubiquitous 95th rifles - as for the Russian campaign stuff I had decided to double up everything, so by Empire standards, this is far more Rifles that ever served in one spot.

I also did up a units worth with skirmish order spacing, whereupon I would replace stands rather than spread out the close order stands.

These definitely could use another highlight as well as some Dullcoat.

Finally, the other regiment in the light brigade: the 71st. I didn't know then that the officers didn't have the tartan bands I meticulously painted around the base of their shakos.
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