Tuesday, May 1, 2018

25mm Old Glory Cossack Cavalry with Carbines

Old Glory never made Napoleonic era Cossacks in 25/28s which is a pity. When this 1812 project came to fruition, I had to draw from their Eastern Renaissance range and Cossack Wars ranges and Foundry's which I only picked up much later.

The miniatures below come from the former range and is the most medieval I'll ever field against the French. Yes, "Les Cupidons du Nord" and their ineffective performance was mentioned in Marbot's memoirs, but I haven't come across accounts of chain mail in the field that I recall [citation needed].

As a psych trick, I do irregular stuff first - the oddest that can be had, because then I'll always have incentive to paint up the proper stuff like the new and beautiful Perry and Murawski Miniatures.

Irregular Cossacks don't operate in formations other than in a mass, hence the circle bases. Glad to have these finished, these had been on my work bench for many years.
Here's a funny thing: I've been painting for 30 years and this my FIRST 25mm cavalry unit. I've done several in 15s and I can't say it was a lot of fun, so I get why people say they hate painting horses. (Bases are steel washers, tufts are by Silflor, fences - Renendra, unpainted buildings by Pegasus Hobbies.)
That's an unpainted Steppes Farmstead also from Old Glory.
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