Monday, March 19, 2018

15mm Grumpy Miniatures Pirates

Lovely little minis available from only Eureka Miniatures I believe. These officers types will be added in with the Peter Pig, Minifigs, Blue Moon and Rebel Minis pirates I'm collecting for a big Imagination game.

Pirate Captain or Officer (rear). These are too small to be the real captains so lesser officers in my game. The biggies - those from Blue Moon- will probably, by their height alone be more commanding.  Grumpy pirates are comparable in size to Peter Pig and Minifigs - closer to true 15. I'll have side by sides at a later date.

Cimaroons  (Front) In game, there is no reason to segregate them into their own units so they will join other musketeers or mix of armed men.

Cimaroons (Rear) The singular take away from completing these today is that I can still paint 15s as I always have, despite my advancing age. Being near sighted has continued advantages in this hobby.

No guns in this range, but I do like having extra artillery crewmen around. (Front) I do like the bucket swab boys, but considerably less the ram-rodders.

Artillery Crewman (Rear) Paint alone can almost make them look like different figures.

Sailors with Boarding Pike (Front) A pair of duplicates here but painted different makes it seem like there's a variety, no?

Sailors with Boarding Pike (Rear)

Another two pairs. This batch is 36 in total and was manageable at the time pf purchase to be singly based. I do regret not multi-basing these smaller rabble type figs. They don't quite have enough character to get their own base so would look nice in sets of threes. These are a mix of "Sailor with Cutlass and Pistol" and "Musketeer". (Front)

"Sailor with Cutlass and Pistol" and "Musketeer" (Rear)

More "Sailor with Cutlass and Pistol" and "Musketeer" (Front)

More "Sailor with Cutlass and Pistol" and "Musketeer" (Front)
Done with this brand, Peter Pig and Minifigs for the Pirate types - that's 223 figures if you're counting. I have over a hundred government type sailors done, (not done with bases so they remain un-posted), as well as the 54 civilians/mob and a dozen Renaissance mercenaries to fold in taking it to around 400. That leaves a bit more Peter Pig gov troops , plus all the Blue Moon and Rebel Minis to do. But, back to Napoleonics for a bit.

Thanks for looking - Questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!