Sunday, March 5, 2017

28mm Crusader Miniatures "Motley Crew" Cossack

 A alternate paint job, alternate location and some period details and Bob's yer uncle - pirate to Cossack:

Building is the 1/72 Russian Izba available here. The litter I've made into small battlefield "loot tokens" from what used to be Westfalia Miniatures, maybe a Perry piece and a Brigade Games crate in there too. Maybe even Murawski Miniatures; I've lost track.

 All I seem to be able to do with this campaign is to nibble around the edges.  =-(  I do everything but the French and Russians!
I needed the priest for something else and having committed to Pirates in 15mm, needed a purpose for this one. The original available here:
Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!


  1. Your new friend looks a little bit angry...but beautiful!

  2. Thanks Phil! I wonder how much understanding there is of the brutality seen at the hand of the Russian peasantry during this invasion. Pretty shocking stuff but the Peninsula was likely far worse. In any event, you wouldn't want to be captured by the locals if you were a Frenchman in the autumn of 1812. If you had to, surrender to army troops instead.