Monday, August 18, 2014

25mm West Wind - Gothic Horror - Island of Dr Mereaux - The Doctor's Assistants

I won't actually game The Island of Dr. Mereaux but these will instead be repurposed for Caribbean slavers for the Haitian Zombie/Occult thing I have in mind. Other entries in this series are here:

Slight miscasts on the whips but I was lazy when I cleaned these up and didn't have a good solution at the time. I think that brushable Green Stuff from Citadel would do the trick.

I have most of the explorer types from West Wind in this range but this will be the only pack of heavies for this game. It's not too late, I probably should add some unshaven scruff - especially to this one to give him a bit more malice.
Tufts are "Swamp" Tufts from Army Painter.

This guy was just "Mr. Brown" to me.
If I ever get good at tattoos his big biceps are screaming for a pair of anchors.
 Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome!


  1. I have to agree - the skin is fantastic as is the hooped t-shirt.