Saturday, May 31, 2014

15mm Old Glory Union Cavalry

(Ignore that "Seccess" artillery in the background) These are actually from the Confederate Cavalry with Pistols & Shotguns pack. These were probably done at least 15 years ago, never saw the battlefield and unfortunately, I used a satin gloss on them. When I dull cote them later, I should also go in and trim down that water-spout high grass - we didn't have tufts in those days.

In a Johnny Reb game, I recall one of my Reb infantry units getting hit with a small 100 man Union shotgun unit at close range and it was devastating. Stuart's unit is long gone but I had to have one of my own - this time 200.

(Don't ignore that "Seccess" artillery now - see them get sandwiched by Federal cav!)

All our flags were handmade and hand painted with leaded foil sheets cut accordingly.
That flash is harsh!

Here's 400 Union troopers in action - units of this size were unwieldy in the game, and it was very hard (as it was historically) to line up a charge because of the broken terrain. I believe I have the dismounted unit for these too but they are not easily at hand. This particular unit has never seen tabletop action either.
Someone commented on the dead grass basing - my inspiration for grass came from growing up in California's central valley. Virginia, and out east in general, is far more verdant. That said, I have several divisions worth of both sides of the ACW in this grass so I won't be changing it for the regimental scaled units. (I have a nice force of Blue Moon miniatures organized for Brother Against Brother I'll do different basing on.)

Trying to show the flag detail here

I have a couple of these lovely backgrounds I need to make permanent photo boxes out of - but you'll get the idea here.
Thanks for looking! Questions and comments are always welcomed.


  1. Look great, are these all OG15s confederate cavalry painted as union or are some the union figures? Only asking as will need to add some cav to my union force at some point and have both OG15s and Blue Moon in my infantry formations.


    1. Ya I guess they were sculpted as Confederates ( )- I haven't checked in a while, but those may have been the leftovers after creating a Reb unit with the same armaments. I'll have to check.