Sunday, June 2, 2013

15mm Stone Mountain United States Colored Troops

Since I had  Stuart's stuff out I thought I'd get some snaps of other formations nearby in storage.  
After he died I needed to get his Union forces up to strength and ever since, I always model both sides of everything I ever intend to play.
By my reckoning, these were all done around, or just before, 2000. The 1989 film Glory was a tremendous inspiration so I assembled a whole four regiment brigade of African troops. This is the Brigadier for this force - the only Old Glory figure in the force actually.
Organization of African troops is still not easily come by- I have the Osprey too but still don't really have a comprehensive list of black regiments, and their campaigns. This one (under the bases) I have labeled "US Colored Troops" (USCT).
USCT - Rear
This one is labeled "Native Louisiana" They co-starred in Glory for a bit which gave me the red pants idea.
These are labeled "56th Massachusetts". I can confirm a 55th Mass but not this one anymore.
56th Massachusetts taking fire.
This one I designated as the 54th Massachusetts
54th Massachusetts
54th with the Brigadier
Not enough room to show the whole brigade in action but you get the idea.
  Thanks for looking - questions and comments are welcome!


  1. Hello, Peter

    I knew Stuart;he was a close friend of mine. It's ironic how many people Stuart influenced, and touched. He was truely a great guy, and many people in Sacramento miss him. I remember looking at his ACW collection. It was unique and impressive. He put so much detail into every unit. I remember a reb unit that he showed me. It was fully animated like a Ron Troiani painting! The flag had holes, and rips and tares in it. The Bearer was a casuatly handing off the flag to a guy next to him as he was going down! That regt. looked like a diorama! He was ahead of his time in painting and concepts.
    Another thing about Stuart was that he was a GREAT gamer! He played the game and didn't bitch and wine about if he won or lost. He was always a pleasure to game with!
    It was really great to see some of Stu's figs.. I belive he sold a lot of his ACW stuff before he passed. He got a huge amount for some of his ACW figs.. Upwards of several hundred dollars for just two reb Regts.! He sold them so he could take his girlfriend out on a trip or something. What a loss...
    On the bright side. At least Stuart still lives on in our memories and cherished miniatures that he left behind. In fact some of his old pals and myself will be using some of his Sudan collection. We will be playing a battle someware in the Sudan...Anyways, I really like your Blog and follow it.

  2. Thanks for posting! I couldn't agree more on his gaming persona - always a good time.

    Yeah I do seem to recall there were some Confederate units now. Not many but a couple when I was still around. Now that you mention it I wonder if I don't have a single base of one somewhere.

    But hey, if you have pics of any of the Sudan stuff I'd be happy to post them here. I love knowing his work is still marching around on tables somewhere.

    Thanks again for the comments!