Monday, November 12, 2012

25mm Old Glory Cossack Wars Dismounted Cossacks Pt. 1

This is one of two 15 man bands. The other is in blues and browns. I failed the Dullcote here and probably didn't shake it enough giving a semi satin look. I may hit them again later.

These were from a previous Dullcote session with an older can and they came out normal.

Though intended for a Renaissance game, I'm repurposing them for a Patriotic War game. They'll serve as semi-uniformed partisans. They don't look the period at all but there is a decent hole in Napoleonic figure ranges.

Old Glory really has the right idea doing separate heads om the same body. I wish I had one facing down the barrel on this pose (my favorite) but they are still great.

These faces are seen in the Cossacks Celebrating seen elsewhere on this site. There were several heads sculpted and you see most of them more than once. Again, same body, different heads means two radically different figures - one confidently advancing, the other thinking better of it and withdrawing.

Just the sound of a Cossack yell would have the French dropping arms and surrendering. I doubt very much they used these axes at right  ...
Firing pistols, my favorite pose! He's actually doing it gangster style with the lock hardware almost on top. Still, high energy and animation.
The blue one will likely come up next but until then thanks for looking - Questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!


  1. They look very good, and as partisans certainly will not look out of period in a Napoleonic game!

    Many late 17th - early 18th C. illustrations show cavalrymen firing their pistol in the 'gangsta' pose: to prevent the priming powder from falling from the pan?

  2. Very nice figures and very well painted!! Does your mrs know you've pinched some of the Christmas decorations?

  3. Actually if cossacks yell - French know better than to surrender - fight to the death as they would against Spanish Guerillas

  4. I love every single bit about them.