Monday, October 15, 2012

25mm Westwind Baron Savoodie & Priestesses

There should be teeth painted in on the skull paint but the mouth is in such an arc that I couldn't accommodate it. So now he looks a bit like a mime!
Weird experiment with a red, and an unsatisfying motif for the Baron himself. Not quite pulled together. The sculpt has undead qualities - exposed bones and I believe organs that I painted over as cloth to greater or lesser effect. (When it's unclear what is actually going on there I feel entitled to take liberties.) The Caribbean feel though I felt worked - even the eye shadow!

Snakes, snakes, how do to the snakes? Black I thought would be dull, and a black mamba just has a black mouth interior but is otherwise grey. Green was a possibility but would clash with the already painted turquoise accents. So coral won out in the end which just adds to the festivity of it all.

"Swamp" Tufts from Army Painter

I think I may go back and hand paint a layer of satin over the Dull Cote on the snakes.

The teeth are tucked in on the snake at left so that's a pink tongue you're seeing there.
Thanks for looking - Questions, comments, followers are welcome and encouraged!

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