Monday, October 15, 2012

28mm Eureka Cossacks Looting

I have a lot of non-combaty frolicky Cossacks done - After this lot, the next 40 will be armed and dangerous.
I love this set from Eureka ... I think they'll mostly serve as markers for, well, looting figures

Intended for 1799 they are seen here re-looting a French baggage train during the Great Patriotic War - none of which has been painted you understand.

Winter Tufts from Antenociti's Workshop: here
Mostly satisfied with this pair of bases though I'm least happy with the rose colored tunic on the figure at left. Note the Eureka Mascot carved into the silver pot.

Those are cart wheel tracks in the road alongside which these two labor.

A shako of some French troisième compagnie lies abandoned at lower right ...

The camera captures every error doesn't it? I'm thinking the sloppy blue tunic under the belt there.

I had a jar of Citadel Ultramarines Blue that I wasn't sure was going to be right for the final highlights but it turned out much better than I had hoped. It bordered "electric" in my mind when I applied it but not so much after it dried ...
Swarthy. Before the pictures I forgot to go back and edge the base again. In the finals, that will be remedied.
I forgot my own rule on the Cantiniere seen elsewhere - to add white into the glue mixture upon which the snow flock rests - and remembered this time yet leaving those ugly drag marks along the sides. Normally the white glue dries clear leaving the edges tidy.
This pack posed several challenges - not least of which was the mirror. It wasn't perfectly flat. I really am at a loss how to do them. I thought of some impressionistic lines or something but in the end just painted it straight silver and then glossed it up at the end. I'll "meh" for you.

I thought the goose was going to throw me too, but I saw too many plain white ones to my relief on Google.

Close up shots - terribly unforgiving to me ...
The other nigh-insurmountables was the bottle and the vase tied to the saddle. Both were given a coat of brush on gloss after all the dull-coating.

The bottle ended up looking fine ...

I was stumped on the vase pattern too but was inspired by some more Googling. I used a Micron pen in light blue as you can see but have too shaky a hand to pull it off perfectly - same with the red dots in the resulting diamonds. Nonethelss it gives a good impression. Somewhere between finishing the figures and sealing them, I smudged the blue diagonals which bled out in spots looking just awful. I hate repainting especially since I wasn't convinced I could actually make it much better. So the error lies there immemorial.
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  1. Wow!! These are special - nicely done!!