Sunday, September 9, 2012

25mm West Wind Mama Mogumbi & Voodoo Priests

Noted in a lot of photos of Haitian Voodoo stuff are the prevalence of clean white clothing on the participants. BUT these figs all have shredded clothing so probably poor substitutes for ceremonial wear. In the end I opted for the single spot of color on the kerchief.

Baron Savoodie and his priestesses will be posted elsewhere soon.

These are Army Painter Swamp Tufts

This was taken before the dull cote dried so it's a tad glossy.

 There's a number of "sources" for zombies: lab created viruses, necromantically raised corpses, some outer space contaminant and finally Voodoo.  Though the Voodoo origins are substantively a long way from the more popular and modern Romero style it's nice to have an alternate source of baddies for gamers to vanquish.

Thanks for looking - Followers welcome - there's more to come!

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  1. Fittingly threatening and creepy!
    For a 'Sci Fi' rather than fantasy interpretation of Voodoo zombies, they could have be drugged to apparent death, then 'resurrected' by counter medicines, but the lack of oxygen has done irreversible damage to the brain. The body is still strong as it was, but lost of freewill is lost. Were not Voodoo zombies used as slaves?