Friday, December 2, 2011

25mm Old Glory French Voltigeurs Redux

These command figures were painted a very long time ago for Peninsula skirmish. I'm posting from a lap top and the light corrections I did may be off.
Voltigeur casualties ...
These, if I recall correctly, were painted back in the 20th Century for a game that is very far from being complete. 1812 Russian Retreat is where the energies are being poured nowadays. I'll get back to this after a while though I expect - if the vision holds out.

For the French, all that's done is 20 Voltigeurs, the three line command at top, three casualty figs and the two battalion guns with crew. No Brits or allies - all purchased, many primed but none painted.
Only 80 more rank and file to go  ...

As always, questions and comments are welcome and encouraged!

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  1. These look great. I don't have any OG 1st Ed. Napoleonics, but just picked up some 2nd Ed. guys. Very nicely detailed and posed in marching poses - easily ranked up. I do like these skirmishing poses though. Best, Dean