Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moving Hell Part 1?

First the good news: all the single 25mm figs I've ever done fit in these army cases from GW. I've had them a few years and they always do a good job.

To save them from the moving apes I had to put them in 2 different boxes almost perfectly designed to fit them by U-Haul. I have two different Army Transport Cases holding 15mm and other painted stuff that were packed similarly. No outside damage was apparent, so I consider these "safe". The most problematic to pack were the recently posted Dervish I had just finished:

 I keep around old, but well cleaned, britches and mismatched socks to use as both painting rags and as stuffing for boxes just like these. Here, I'm optimistically unveiling them ...
And here's what I found: 
As I said on TMP, if you didn't pack for upside down you didn't pack them.

That's a magnetic sheet on the bottom there. The big fear here is figures broken off at the ankle. That is just simply un-repairable in 15mm. Broken spears I can replace but luckily neither occurred; there were bent spears but that was about it when I untangled this mess.
Unexpectedly and almost at the last minute I learned I did get to drive a personal car during the move and was able to convey the rest of my un-packable and large 15mm collection myself which naturally arrived unharmed. Remember this before & after shot?
I found layer cake separators (sheets of thin but sturdy cardboard) at Walmart and placed them between each of the drawers finally putting them in a close fitting box. I padded the sides and they arrived in the car ok after three days on the road.

You might ask, why not put the Dervish in those too? Well, the drawers were all full of Dark Ages, ACW, and Napoleonics - there was simply no more room. Circumstances, historically with me, have not favored Arab tribesmen one bit it seems ...

I reserve the right to post again if I find more damage but the painted stuff is, of course, my main concern. Thanks for looking! Questions, comments and followers are welcome!

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  1. I remember when I had to move over a long distance. The same horrible thing happened to me.