Saturday, July 14, 2018

Historicon 2018 - Friday's Tables of Interest

I'm nearly always a day-tripper to Historicon so here''s a selection of the sights I saw Friday morning.

The Host was a mess in a lot of ways, but it didn't particularly detract from my short visit. Wally's Basement was too dark to see many of the offerings and I thought the Dealer Hall was better with the narrower corridors - made it appear like there was more lively commerce occurring than normal.

Beautiful table for this WW2 game

I dunno wot the 'ell this one is! =D

A FIW game ready to go - Folks decry lichen, but I believe it has it's purposes.

Clever - all one base.

These cannon fire clouds markers all had flashing LEDs in them which I singularly failed to capture.

This one might be familiar to you - it's creator has posted on TMP with some regularity.

This Poland Spring bottle's card never came up enough to get it into action, so it remained, I assume, well out of action for the entire game.

Sorry if you told the Missus you were at the office today - I generally tried to not photograph faces.

Nazi DAK vs Egyptian deities and their minions

DAK enters Jurassic Park

Necromunda - not my thing, but I know a nice table when I see one.

Peninsular action in the HAWKS room.

Love it all but the visually jarring forest floor perimiters - they look quite out of place here.

All in all a lovely day in Lancaster, caught up with many, had lovely lunch with the family, made minimal purchases and got home at a reasonable hour.
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  1. From someone who could not be there, THANKS FOR POSTING!!!

  2. "I dunno wot the 'ell this one is! =D"


    1. Heh - I was kidding on that rather obvious one lol