Monday, March 20, 2017

Cigar Box Battle Plush Mat - Just Fields - 4' x 6'

First, I have criticized some of the artistic decisions made by Cigar Box Battle (CBB) - primarily on the rendering of tall objects (hedges, fencing, trees, etc) on a two dimensional surface - I'd rather they, if there needs to be a wood, render a forest floor instead of the tree tops. Just omit hedges and walls - we can model those ourselves in the precise spot we 'd like them. Criticism aside, I LOVE this new plush mat - Love it! What a simply beautiful accessory.

Before the pics I'll add too that service was rapid - Saturday to Saturday from order to delivery. Nice work. I will bitch about the deliverer who left it on the stair uncovered and in the rain. it came in a plastic envelope and had an interior plastic bag so no harm no foul, but still - what a risk!

The mat itself, my young daughters couldn't stop touching it as it was so soft and it does resemble a comfortable plush blanket in all of it's tactile features. In another world, it would serve beautifully as a wargame themed blanket - who wouldn't want to curl up under the battlefield of La Haye Saint, for example?

A particular plague on my specific hobby enjoyment is lack of a large table, permanent or even temporary. The table I have is littered with Russia 1812 stuff and I don't have the wherewithal to relocate it all at present so these quick shots will have to do:. Below is the thing just folded up and on the counter:

Hedges are scratch built by yours truly, building - an old Gallia model begging to be repainted to my current standards, and random trees from realms long forgotten.

I'll have better shots at a later date but couldn't resist posting.

Thanks for looking,Questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Getting backed up here!

Prepping minis for painting is much quicker than the actual painting - such that I get that satisfied, efficacious feeling with more frequency than I do by actually painting!. But now I can barely advance on this relaxing activity. And the cold weather has put a halt to my priming. In fact, it looks like yet another whole week of sub-optimal temperatures.
All 1812 Russian Retreat stuff here: crowds of Perry, Eureka, Front Rank, Foundry, Old Glory & other miscellany have shut down the aforementioned avenue of pleasure. The obvious solution: finish painting some units and move some of these from On Deck to In Progress.
To the right of the chair, behind me when I paint, is a small 3'x4'something table filled with winter trees, almost 200 primed but unpainted French, French Ligne & Voltigeurs and a large village of Russian buildings and fencing.
In Progress: Cossacks, French ADC's, French dragoons, abandoned cannon, a pair of Marshal Neys, ACW & ECW commanders, pirates, the King's Lifeguard of Foote (cue harpsichord riff), Victorian adventurers and more crowd the table.
Anyone else in similar straits?

Why not Teddy Bear Fur Basing?

Some small sharp scissors and you could cut out clumps of grass of differing heights. Might be superior than static grass, certainly denser and again you could adjust the height of the pile before you glued it down. There were a few colors that might work as a base I decided as I browsed JoAnn this afternoon:

Have you done this? What should one consider before attempting? What about applying it before priming occurs on single figures?

Put your thoughts and comments in the Comments. Thanks!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

28mm Crusader Miniatures "Motley Crew" Cossack

 A alternate paint job, alternate location and some period details and Bob's yer uncle - pirate to Cossack:

Building is the 1/72 Russian Izba available here. The litter I've made into small battlefield "loot tokens" from what used to be Westfalia Miniatures, maybe a Perry piece and a Brigade Games crate in there too. Maybe even Murawski Miniatures; I've lost track.

 All I seem to be able to do with this campaign is to nibble around the edges.  =-(  I do everything but the French and Russians!
I needed the priest for something else and having committed to Pirates in 15mm, needed a purpose for this one. The original available here:
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

28mm Wargames Factory - Zombie Horde

I bought these when they first came out and based and primed them up individually as I do all zombies. However, after a series of games with the group it became a tedious endeavor to move roaming groups of single zombies.

I had assembled many of them badly and over-primed what were already shallow details - especially around the mouths and glasses,  that I thought -screw it - these are perfect for mass basing. No one will notice how awful they came out.

All 24 on common variety fender washers available anywhere - and based for easy casualty removal.

The eye details - part sculpting, part my fault, just made me do the standard glowy, blind eyes. This group has been on my desk for years and I've pecked away at them between other models; its useful to have non-regimented figs around like zombies or pirates around for when there is left over color on the palette.

I would assemble these much differently today. Then I was going for mass variety which led to some improbable combinations and even odder posing.
Thanks for looking - questions and comments are welcome and encouraged!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Excellent Find at Michael's Today [Update 3/4/17]

Michael's has a lot of Spring themed stuff including tons of new plastic plants useful for jungle terrain pieces. Further I saw these for the first time. They are kind of thick in height, but I'll find a way to use them as marsh land or rough terrain somehow. They are shedding badly so I'll mist on some thinned PVA as soon as the weather improves.

[Update 3/4/17 - now half off]

[Update 3/4/17 - Some of these were not here last time.]

[Update 3/4/17 - perfect!]

This, the largest piece, is about 12"x12"

The smaller one is about 8"x 8".
Maybe a terrible guess, but this is about 8" in diameter.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Figure ID Bleg

Can anyone identify these ECW Blue Moon figures?

I got Rupert's dog, the rest I'm not certain about.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Haunted Woods

All told there are 38 pieces here. I can't do a huge table with this but there's enough to suggest plenty of hostile scenery for any outdoor themed horror setting. I would have done some shots of it all together but I have the 1812 snow table up and just don't have the space at present. The subject of a future update undoubtedly. Let's begin ...

Just finished these this morning: (L-R): Reaper Halloween Tree, RAFM Demon Tree, Ral Partha Demonic Tree Man

Black undercoated, heavy Americana Raw Umber liberally applied. Then dry-brushed with Folk Art Mushroom with increasing amounts of Ceramcoat Quaker Gray.   
Reaper Halloween Tree detail

Dotting in the owl eyes with a Micro-Art Pen ...terrible experience trying to drop it directly in the center.
RAFM Demon Tree detail. I like this one a lot - the eyes are REALLY recessed but I tried to get the red glowing eyes effect like the Reaper one.

Ral Partha Demonic Tree Man - like the RAFM one, the eyes were quite set back and black hollows didn't make much sense to me. The belly missed all my dry-brushing efforts but I can live with it.

I actually don't know the manufacturer of these. These were a part of a set I picked up at one of the HMGS cons several years back. Any help?

They came with these ...

... and these.

The next set from Armorcast were finished many years ago. A good number of these seem to be discontinued.

(Same as above, different angle) Twigs and cork rocks. I wanted to keep a significant space for figures around these particular ones. I think I've caught a more natural arrangement in my efforts this week than these old ones but a discernible lack of improvement over the years would be upsetting.

CD bases

Same as above but another angle

Eight of these but hey, seen four you've seen them all.

Same as above - different angle

Finally, here's five of the 10 Woodland Scenics "Dead Trees". Again, Seen five, you've seen them all.
Bah, I forgot I have two sets of these to do to round it all out.

Thanks for looking. Questions, comments, and followers are welcome and encouraged. If anyone can identify that set in the middle of this update, please let me know in the comments.