Saturday, August 22, 2015

28mm Brigade Games Haitian Zombies l & II

Haitian Zombies I (5) - Front - This particular pack is un-pictured at Brigade for some reason. Most of them have large wounds sculpted on somewhere so I made these five risen dead, flesh eater types.
Haitian Zombies I - (5) - Rear

Haitian Zombies II (5) - Front - These, however, had basically intact garments and I made all but the splint leg guy, simply under the spell/command of Mama Magombi. No apparent wounds, no rent garments. I'd love to get scluptor's notes on these. Can't seem to find info on these capes hoods online anywhere? Total fabrication (pun intended)? Some old movie? 
Haitian Zombies II (5) - Rear - There is a story about a fractured leg in Haitian Voudoo lore but it belonged to a woman and it was also proof that the "zombie" under investigation, who did not have a game leg,  could not be the same woman.. Yet, second from left here, is a zombie with a bandaged and splint arrangement on the left leg. Where does this come from? Old movie again?

Two of the ten had Caucasian features so I painted them accordingly.
All the risen dead zombies in one shot. The will join the European styled ones seen here.
For giggles here's the mind slave zombies with West Wind's Madam Magombi. The skin  on these was straight out of the bottle Foundry's "African Flesh" triad. No fourth highlight on those at all.

West Wind's Baron Savoodie and his minions.
Next up is some West Wind heroes to oppose all this then some quantities of Old Glory Voodoo Warriors from their Pirate range. Colonial Police in there somewhere too - all are in varying levels of completion on the painting table.

Thanks for looking - questions and comments are welcome and encouraged!

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