Saturday, February 5, 2011

25mm West Wind Sleepy Hollow Militia Part 1

I envision these leading the Old Glory Minute Men units in the Colonial Horror thing I'm working on. I ran out of room to seal them all but here's the first half:
I've officially retired this way of doing flesh. It went like this (all GW paints): Dwarf Flesh, Flesh Ink, Dwarf Flesh again leaving the ink in the crevasses, Mix in Elf Flesh to Dwarf for highlights then Elf Flesh on it's own for final highlights. It looks too splotchy where the ink showed through so I'm now doing: Vallejo Marron Tan as the base, Dwarf Flesh to highlight, Elf Flesh for final highlights - a typical three layer build but then a final glaze of GW Ogryn Wash to harmonize it all together. I added a black wash for 5 o'clock shadow at the end here to mixed effect.

I really like these tufts. These particular ones are from Army Painter that I bought on a test basis. Pass. Buy more.
Part 2 coming up shortly - Questions, comments and followers are welcome!