Saturday, February 5, 2011

25mm Old Glory Minute Men Part 3

These are the last of these for awhile. Three units of 10 plus the eight West Wind Sleepy Hollow Militia gives me a playable force of just under forty figs. There's 30 more from Old Glory to do, then the Blue Moon Sleepy Hollow stuff and finally the West Wind set with Ichabod and his aides. I have just to decide what exactly they are opposing. But I've lost interest in all this and am putting it aside til the Autumn.
Black and tan is the theme for this batch. Again I deliberately made the colors darker than I would have if they were to fight the Brits.

The sculpts vary wildly in style but they look ok en masse,
I have this weird leaf litter that looks more like orange and tan construction paper than leaves. Less is more I've learned and I want just enough to tie them into a Autumnal themed table.

I botched the front shot but here's the back; you're not missing much and I rushed the black leaving it less dynamic than I was hoping.
Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome!

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