Thursday, August 22, 2019

28mm - Reaper - Spectre

The final and fourth session of my experiments with Citadel Contrast colors yielded the final three miniatures of the original 39. Pretty good looking figures for a minimum of effort. Plus I cleaned out several small storage drawers of ghosts and other haunted things, making room for newer stuff near my increasingly overcrowded work station. 
All this brought up new problems however: storing nigh 40 mostly oversized minis. I already have tons of troop trays for rank and file figures, but not much for these relatively big-based and tall models. 
These last three were last as I had to do a fair amount of detail work of layering up the skin after. The robes, of course are one thick coat of Contrast Templar Black, but the skin is Basilicanum Grey over which I reapplied the brush-on Grayseer and highlighted up in my usual manner. That's the most traditional painting work of any in this grand experiment.
This model would have been a candidate for a solid Aethermatic Blue but there were too many painted versions out there in her more corporal state that I preferred such that I changed my mind early on. Also I has some red "flower" flock I sprinkled on the bushes for color to poor effect. Experimenting is half the fun with fantasy figures and shortcuts and haste can sometimes give you sub-optimal results.
I do adore the Contrast Templar Black and have about 10 more wraiths I've found that will get near identical treatment. Then I think I'll tackle my many werewolf factions with some of the browns and the still sold out Wraith Bone primer. 
 Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!


  1. Great otherworldly look on your figures. I especially like the blue for the spirits.