Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Forest Floor Refurbish Job

For years, walking through the woods has been a part of my daily commute - here's a section and the inspiration for this project.
I posted about these perennial offerings from Michael's a year ago or so. Finally put them to good use and I still have tons left to do other projects with.
This was part of my tree collection. I bought the trees through the mail many years ago and then based them on stray plexiglass pieces I had lying around for this purpose. I glued just the tree stumps in and then covered the lot with railroad ballast, then painted it all green and highlighted accordingly. I have other trees for Light Woods but I wanted something more robust to denote Heavy or impassible woods.

I deliberately didn't glue the trunks to the stumps since it's easier to store them lose with the bases alongside. I also passed on painting all the stumps brown and left them green. I did remedy that while I had these out this time. But to get a denser forest floor, I simply plucked off fronds and glued them in place. Remarkable easy - I was kind of surprised.
There are already color variations in these so it was easy to vary it up and I don't have to do anything else to them. And each bush has a nice solid little trunk to take glue.

Floors completed but thought I'd add some broken logs around to make it's passage appear as troublesome as possible.

The scale is confusing, because they are slightly too big for these 15mm Essex FIW Grenadiers.

Maybe it works - I don't really expect to move figures through these - it's just to be impassible or very difficult terrain.
Much better for 25/28s - but then the tress are really too small.
Here's the completed ones. Simple and easy enough.
I require a lot of wood with straight edges to go alongside roads - I just think it's tidier for those sections of the battlefield. I also have stray clumps of trees and singles to throw around for the wilder parts of the table.
I wish I could get the dust off the tree tops. I may yet take a go at lightening up some of the foliage here with that leaf product I used for the ECW hedges.

I'd set them up on a green landscape, but have the snow table up at the moment. These are among my core terrain pieces for everything else though so they'll crop up again.

Thanks for looking- questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!


  1. I am so stealing that idea. Thanks. Bunkermeister

  2. Inspired job and fantastic atmosphere!