Friday, April 27, 2018

25mm Old Glory French in Great Coats Upgraded and Winterized Prep

In the Summer of 2013 I started prepping the French force for my 1812 Russian Retreat game. I was going to model a single company of voltigeurs and needed more variety. I bought all the Elites in Greatcoat from Old Glory, then the Energetic Infantry (from here I drew what were to be my NCO player characters) and Casualties too. Those latter packs needed epaulets on many figures so I added those on and then added scarves in various ways to other figures so that each figure was a complete original. Old Glory makes that easy already.

Here's the results if you want a sense of the Before and After. I'm doing the tête de colonne now and remember that I never shared these.

Non-regulation, fur trimmed coat for the senior officer of this command.
At 1:1 there'll be only one Eagle in this game. I am going to put a flag on there though.

I needed a Fourier co the guy in the oversized Cossack hat is he. I would do that differently today, making it much smaller, but he is easily identifiable. Keen observers will note the Perry figure at right.

These are the eight Corporals

Most of the Energetic infantry don't have epaulets so I had to add them here. Note the beard on the guy at bottom left.

On to the casualties:

Thanks for looking - I'm looking forward to getting to these at last.


  1. Great conversions Peter. Can't wait to see them painted.

    1. Thanks Ray! I figured out how to do blue now so these should be great!