Saturday, May 31, 2014

15mm Old Glory Robert E. Lee

Lee here is based on a big washer. I taped over the hole and then put railroad ballast over the whole thing. Of course the figs were painted individually then artfully arranged first. Trying to get the composition right took some trial and error and a careful selection of figures. One limitation I made for myself was to not have any piece of any miniature hang over the edges of the base - with the washer it's pretty heavy and wouldn't work to have things protruding all over.

Nearly all figures here are Old Glory, Lee himself from the Confederate Generals & Personalities, Eastern set. The one exception is the Battle Honours flag bearer. His flag is from the old Confederettes/Heritage line.

The other Reb generals will be on smaller bases of one size or another depending on their level of command. The Union have two bases of this side - Grant and Mead - the accompanying figures are already sorted and decidedly less enthusiastic as these are. Most of them are from the Energetic Infantry pack.

I was going to just paint the name tab, black, and use white for the lettering but I thought, what the hey, it is the highest ranking Confederate I'll ever field. Better make it more special than that. Old Glory provides all those tabs at the feet of all the named characters. Did you need another reason to love (old) Old Glory?
With a bit more context .. Gotta get those field works done one of these days too!

Well, this wraps up my ACW work for awhile - on to bigger (25mm) and newer things!  I have a lot of different kinds of thing in progress, nearing completion, and my motivation is high.

As always, questions, comments and followers are welcome.

Thanks for looking!