Tuesday, April 2, 2013

25mm Wargames Foundry - Old West Townsfolk - Victorian Gents

I finished these in April of 2005 and posted them on CMON, but now that I have my own blog I thought I may as well host them here - sorry for the blanched pics.
There are so many good Victorian figures out there now - it's truly a Golden Age for Victorian gaming.

Close up of the more well-to-do pair Joe Blessinton (L) and Max Shelby (R).
Cooper Creel (L) and Brent Monroe (R).

All of these are from the Old West range but I've re-purposed them for London. That's Raggedy Jack there on the right who looks most out of place but Major Edwards, at left, looks right at home.

Same body, different heads. I especially like the one on the right who is called Kirby Heartsill, in black at left is Digory Kent.

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  1. Amazing work! Those figures are looking great...as the bases, very impressive!