Saturday, September 29, 2012

Russian Patriotic War Postcards

I did not intend to ever post stuff that wasn't expressly miniature related but these are just too good not to share. If these were miniatures, they DO NOT exist but they should. That's true of many of them below.
They were posted on a Facebook friends page. Should I have asked permission to repost?
This is a great guide for any sculptors who want to fill a gaping hole in a Napoleonic character line. There exists Patriotic War miniatures in a ton of sizes - none in 25mm.

Brutal, brutal campaign. Death came whenever and wherever it wanted as these Poles are discovering.


To say life was cheap is an understatement of considerable magnitude. Unit cohesion - non-existent through much of the Grand Armee ...

Most assuredly this did not end well for the grenadier. And again, excellent sculpting references for partisans. I'm ad-hocing (yes, it's a verb now) Renaissance Cossacks to represent them - not even close in appearance.

If anyone can provide links to more, from what I'm gussing is this series or related ones, please list them below.

EDIT - A TMP'er found more ..and without the postcard frame ...

Thanks for looking!

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