Friday, December 23, 2011

25mm Old Glory Cossack Civilians Part 3/3

Sweeping up droppings in the snow? Yeah alright - I decided to maintain the theme of the others though the setting for these I imagine is in a snow-free barn of some kind. I thought about adding stray straw but now can't be bothered.

Gotta re-edge the bases but this lot is official done.

These are the very last of all the Cossack civilians for this project - great figs from Old Glory - I'm pretty happy with the overall results of these ...

Trying to figure out colors is a great deal of the appeal of this hobby for me - some work, some don't - mostly these were good.
The red on the gal at left is the one I'll use for British Scarlet from here on out.: Base coat: Vallejo Burnt Cadmium Red for shade color. Main coat: Game Color Gory Red. Final highlights: Game Color Bloody Red. The color is slightly off on these pics ...

I love these - same body, three different heads at different angles.

The red/dark brown scheme seen on the figure on the far right will feature prominently in the next set of semi-uniformed partisans that harried retreating French forces. Civilians, again, are great places to try out color combinations.

Thanks for looking! Comments, questions, suggestions are welcome and encouraged ...


  1. great cossack civilian gunners especially the bucket one

  2. Very nice work; thanks for sharing these. A buddy and I are planning an 1812 project using Sharp Practice. Dean

  3. Dean, can't wait to see what you're doing with your 1812 project ... I'll watch for it.

  4. You did it again. Brilliant painting on these Miniatures - the faces of the ladies really do it for me.