Monday, January 17, 2011

15mm Minifigs French Foreign Legion: Mule Company Pt. 2

Here's the mounted half of the Legion company from a few weeks ago ...

I didn't know it but apparently mules had the stamina and speed of camels but couldn't sprint. Mule mounted, the Legion could cover much more ground in chasing down Arab raiders than on foot.
There was an encounter where mounted Legionnaires tried to fight on muleback and were bettered quite handily by mounted Arabs. Subsequently they assigned two men to each mule to 1) remind them that they should dismount and fight as the infantry they are and 2) reduce the number of men required to hold the mules while the others fought. I gather that there was no appreciative loss in speed.
And here's both elements conjoined.
These are actually two units I guess though I'm short on command figures; I'm not satisfied with how I'll have to represent the full dismounted part when that occurs but that's a problem for another day. I'm done with Legion painting for awhile. These guys kinda burnt me out ...

Questions, comments are welcome!

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